top 5 insurance companies today we're gonna go through the top 5 insurance companies in the US based off of three major players we're gonna use JD Power.

top 5 insurance companies today we're gonna go through the top 5 insurance companies in the US based off of three major players we're gonna use JD Power.

as the primary we're gonna use because they had thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of reviews and then we're also going to use a company called bank rate now bank rate is a major player because they do a lot of financial stuff and by doing that they do a lot of insurance as well so we're gonna use their data you will be very shocked on how different these answers are between which companies.

were the best and which ones weren't that just leads you to believe that you've really got to get some advice from friends family agents in your area because once again each area is different that you go into where Michigan may have Allstate as the best company this year it might be the opposite in Florida where they're the worst ones so it really just depends on your location your zone as they're calling it it used to be zip code but now it's territories so to speak so let's dive right into it now the thing is my camera is kind of messed up today I couldn't get the audio working I got like a cord I have tons of cord just hanging out here so bear with me if you like the video definitely give me a thumbs up subscribe if you want to be part of this advice channel that I'm giving for insurance 

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I'm gonna be looking to my left a lot because I actually decided to hook it up to my monitor so now hopefully the auto is good I got my auto here my monitor yeah okay well let's dive into it the first thing I'm gonna go through is and I'm gonna show you screenshots here is JD power so there's some stuff that they asked us in here that most people don't see and I'm gonna go through the top couple companies with you specifically and show you why they thought they were the best so number five is state farms they're the largest player in this entire industry of insurance right through the u.s. they control the major portion of the market if there was one company that's standing on top of them all that's gonna be State 

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Farm there's not really anything unique or specific about them what they do is they pick large areas that they want to control and they drop the prices really really low so they pull in a lot of business as you guys saw and there's actually a video I made that kind of mentioned it but they had lost several billion dollars a few years back that hurt him pretty bad so they kind of stumbled and  got back up  there's still the largest guys they're  still gonna be huge they really have a  huge control on the market they have  really good prices their agents are what  make them more successful they're huge  with agents there are only exclusive so  you're not going to find a State Farm  agent selling safeco you're not going to  find a State Farm agent selling Triple A  where I work with Safeco Triple A  citizens Michigan insurance all those  guys like I've got 17 companies that we  work with and I'm not trying to sell you  guys on us or me because it's not the  point of this whole channel but number  five is State Farm great large company  number four is Geico gecko is its own  animal they're the online the digital  the kind of the tech huge commercials  there's not once again not anything  specific that sets them apart from  everybody it's just a large company has  huge market rates these guys do more  commercials than anybody I've ever seen  and it stands for a government employee  insurance company and what that is is  it's changed so it used to be only for  government employees and now it's kind  of opened up to the public it's been  that way for several years in a long  time  but that's just where they came from  great company large company 

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they're very  hard to beat especially in some areas  some of those higher risk areas like  Florida some of those near Miami areas  they tend to come in more competitive so  that's kind of like a go-to place  they're more of a standard company /  non-standard or non preferred company  where they'll take in a lot of different  business I am in Michigan and they don't  like to insure in Michigan I've tried to  do a quote for you guys and I'll make  another video on that but let long story  short they're kind of they're making it  difficult extremely difficult to get a  well good company large companies  similar to a farm they're more of an  online presence larger commercials they  advertise so naturally they get a lot  more business now this is mainly based  on customer satisfaction so they  actually got rated really.