How to make a pension report for the year

 How to make a pension report for the year

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Each company, individual entrepreneur, has to report the insurance premium to the pension fund. For taxpayers who are in the workforce of their employees, an integrated form has been developed. Pension contributions are calculated on a basis. The peculiarity of filling the annual report is the amount of salary, age of employees, and rate earned when calculating contributions to federal funds for medical insurance funds and TFOMS.


You will need

- Form Forms СРВ-1, АДВ-6-2, С -В-6-2;

- Company documents;

- Seal of organization;

- Information about salaries of employees for the year;

- staff documents;

- № ФЗ212



The PCB-1 form is used to compile the annual report on pension contributions. It was developed by order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, it is integrated. Indicate the number that was assigned when registering with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Enter company name and other company details including TIN, OGRN, KPP. Write the full address of which organization is registered, including index and contact telephone numbers.


Enter the number of employees who are insured, namely medical policies. Specify the average number of employees for the year. It is calculated by calculating the average value of employees over twelve calendar months.


In the first section of the form, calculate the amount of the insurance premium. To do this, calculate the amount of the deduction for each employee. While the amount of remuneration has not exceeded 280 thousand rubles, 1% of salary in FFOMS is disbursed at TFOMS - 2%. When the amount of salary exceeds the limit value during the year, be directed to be computed by Regulatory Act No. 212-during.


Note that, according to the above law for employees up to 1967, the contributions are divided into the funded portion of insurance and pension. Employees who are younger than 1967 make up the independently funded portion, with employers only contributing towards the insurance portion of the pension.


For some categories of people, including those with disabilities, calculate contributions using lower rates. For example, attach documents confirming disability. Enter the list of evidence in section 4 of the form.


As С theВ-6-2, specify each employee's personal data, their SNILS numbers, start and end dates of employment in a particular company. Indicate the contribution and the amount paid during the year.


As ADV-6-2, enter the list of information transferred to the pension fund. Separately, calculate the amount of contribution by employee category according to legislation.

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