How to make advance payment on income tax in 2019

 How to make advance payment on income tax in 2019

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The payment of advance payments of income tax is the responsibility of all organizations, whether they have received benefits in the current period or not. The timing and amount of advance payments usually depends on the company's past profits, less often on its own wishes.


You will need

Income tax declaration, your organization's profit amount for the same period, tax rate, calculator



If your revenue for the last four quarters did not exceed 10 million rubles on average, you pay income tax in advance on a quarterly basis , i.e. the first three months, six months, nine months of the current tax year. This applies to you if your organization refers to those listed in Article 3 of Article 286 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (budgetary, non-commercial, etc.). The quarterly advance payment amount is calculated as the product of the tax base and the tax rate, while the reporting period's tax base. It is considered cumulative from the beginning of the year to the end of the reporting period. The amount to be paid to the budget is determined as the difference between the payment for the reporting period and the amount paid for the previous reporting period (in the current tax period).


If your average revenue for the last four quarters was above 10 millionR. And if you do not belong to the organizations listed in Article 3 of Article 286 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, then you pay in advance on income tax on a quarterly basis , and also monthly within the quarter. In this case, you also rely on the profits already received. In the first quarter of the tax period, your monthly payment will be equal to the monthly payment of the previous quarter (the fourth quarter of the previous tax period). In the second quarter, your monthly payment will be the quarterly advance payment amount for the first quarter, divided by three. Income tax payments, calculated as the difference of quarterly payment amounts for the previous two quarters , divided into three.


You can voluntarily go to such an option of making an advance payment as a monthly payment based on actual benefits. No special permission is required. You should inform the tax authority of your decision before the start of the tax period in any written form. Monthly payments are treated the same as quarterly, only for you the reporting period will be the current month (there are no quarterly payments), and you rely on the actual profit received in the current period, and not on the previous period's profit .


In the case of quarterly advance payments and monthly payments based on actual profit, the declaration must be filed and the amount of the advance payment is paid no later than the 28th day of the month following the reporting period. In the case of "quarterly payments plus monthly within a quarter" system, the deadline for monthly payments is the 28th day of the current month, not the next. If the 28th falls at the end of the week or on a holiday, the deadline is the next working day.


If you have not received a profit or loss for the reporting period , then the amount of advance payment calculated will be zero. You still file the declaration by placing dashes in the appropriate lines.